DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation 2017

Workshop in conjunction with CVPR 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii

The DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation 2017 will be held as a workshop in CVPR 2017, Honolulu, Hawaii. The competition will be about video object segmentation on the high-quality annotations of an extended DAVIS (150 sequences).
Paper submission updated: participants will be invited to submit an abstract first.
Test-challenge datasets available to download!
Test-dev submissions are open in the codalab site of the challenge.

Confirmed invited speakers

Prof. J. Malik
U.C. Berkeley

Prof. F. Li
Oregon State U.

Prof. K. Fragkiadaki
Carnegie Mellon U.

Prof. C. Xu
U. of Rochester



Dr. J. Pont-Tuset
ETH Zürich

F. Perazzi
Disney Research

S. Caelles
ETH Zürich

Dr. A. Sorkine-Hornung
Disney Research

Prof. P. Arbeláez
U. de los Andes

Prof. L. Van Gool
ETH Zürich

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