DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation 2018

Workshop in conjunction with CVPR 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah


+ We have extended the Interactive track until 1st June 2018 23:59 UTC, good luck!
+ The Semi-supervised track has finished, thanks a lot to all the participants!
+ Interactive segmentation Python package released.
+ Tentative schedule of the workshop available.
+ The dates of the semi-supervised challenge are available in the challenge tab.
+ Test-dev submissions are open in the codalab site of the challenge.


S. Caelles
ETH Zürich

A. Montes
ETH Zürich

K.-K. Maninis
ETH Zürich

Y. Chen
ETH Zürich

Prof. L. Van Gool
ETH Zürich

Dr. F. Perazzi
Disney Research
Adobe Research

Dr. J. Pont-Tuset
ETH Zürich
Google AI


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Workshop program (18th June 2018)

1330 Welcome
1340 Invited Talk Fuxin Li (Oregon State University)
1400 Oral Presentation 4th Place Method
1410 Oral Presentation 3rd Place Method
1420 Invited Talk Iasonas Kokkinos (Facebook AI Research, UCL)
1440 Oral Presentation 2nd Place Method
1455 Oral Presentation 1st Place Method
1510 Invited Talk Joon-Young Lee (Adobe Research)
1530 Break & Poster Session Top Ten Participants in the Semi-supervised track
Invited Participants in the Interactive track
1645 Invited Talk Andrei Tkachenka, Valentin Bazarevsky
(Google AI Perception)
1705 Awards and Stats