DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation 2019

Workshop in conjunction with CVPR 2019, Long Beach, California

The following tables contains the final accepted entries to the 2019 challenges.

Leaderboard Semi-Supervised track

Leaderboard Interactive track

Position Participant Session ID AUC J&F@60s
1 Seoung Wug Oh (Yonsei University) 069a9f2c 78.3 79.1
2 Yuk Heo (Korea University) 19b36910 64.7 60.9
3 Zihang Lin (Sun Yat-sen University) 07af0840 62.1 60.1
4 YK_CL (Youku Company) 98d2b5a5 58.9 49.1

Leaderboard Unsupervised track